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About our glass

Our impact is greater when we work together, and Our Glass is helping to amplify community voices by uniting them toward a common goal. Each dollar donated is a grain of sand…a drop of water in a greater bucket. By pooling donations within our community, we can increase our impact and positively affect change–so we created a space to do just that.

Get Involved

how it works

Step 1 - Gather

Our Glass gathers quarterly to engage, network, and hear from three nonprofits nominated by members and chosen at random. A $100 donation must be made in order to nominate the nonprofit of your choosing.

Step 2 - Vote

Once the nonprofits are randomly chosen, the members who nominated them are responsible for gathering information and presenting their cause to the group.

Step 3 - Give

After presentations, the group engages in a brief Q&A before voting for one nonprofit. The winning organization is awarded our pool of funds from the quarter.

Who we've helped

We've been fortunate to contribute to some truly incredible local organizations. Here's who we've worked with so far...

Live Like Sam
Canines With a Cause
The Inn Between

Do Your part!

If you’re interested in joining, we'd love to have you. Our Glass is a great way to connect with folks and help support worthy causes throughout the city.

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Any questions?

You have questions, we have answers! Here's a little more about how our group works:

How do I join?
How does the nomination process work?
How do I vote?
Who can be a part of Our Glass?

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